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On The Way To Enlightenment
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The Path to Enlightenment

A mystical journey into the invisible worlds of soul and spirit! To realize the true nature of things, and liberate ourselves from our present world of delusions, manifesting the source of everything that exists within our consciousness. Awaken to this awareness we shall rejoice our infinite Being and shall be lead to Enlightenment. Supreme and complete enlightenment, is the Buddha’s nature however our nature too, in which Buddha truly exists!

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The Cosmogram

Lama Tashi Norbu’s creates a “Stupa”, using the geometrical proportions of an Architect. This is a symbol of Buddha, who is crowned, sitting in a meditation posture and stands as a monument. It mainly contains holy objects and relics as well, symbolizing the four elements.


The image is depicted on a surface filled with Tibetan sacred scriptures, while Flying Monks,  the Sun, the Moon, and the clouds of impermanence give powers to this structure which becomes a Cosmogram to its absolute silence. This is the most quintessential object of Buddhist adoration and worship.


Time Travelers I

Artist’s spirits of Time Travelers, exiting from the sacred diagram of cosmos, the Mandala, made of stainless excellent gold which is regarded as an evolution and a
center, radiating light to the beauty of our outward and inward world.

They are touching the spectrum of the rays of light, floating, flowing and vibrating in motion; with hands widely open, searching eternity. A vitality and life force energy which is translated through the movement of the soul, bringing forth quests that are ever timely, abolishing the boundaries of time and space! 

They are surrounding a Buddha in meditative posture, flying around and over him, whispering the sacred code of loving kindness and compassion, suggesting human’s reflections  on the way to eternity.


Water Buddha - 3rd Pole Tibetan Glaciers

Tashi Norbu’s joyful and vibrant Contemporary Artwork of a Buddha, sitting peacefully among flowing waters and splashes of an ocean; implying to the Water Element, the extremely dynamic, the most powerful of the elements which creates and fosters life on Earth. 

In the Book of Genesis we read that God said, "Let the waters swarm with fish and other life”, while Thales of Miletus twenty eight eons ago, took the stance that the world derives from water and rests on water. 

And here, the Tibetan Artist with his Piece of Art, would also suggest the importance of water in his country, as the renewed importance of Tibet for China lies in its water riches. 

China has long been eyeing the water reserves of Tibet, the largest repository of freshwater after the two poles, Arctic and Antarctic, thus claiming, the “third pole,” while in terms of human geography, almost half of the global population, currently lives in the watershed of the Tibetan Plateau.

​The Artist’s Buddha is emphasized in the centre of his canvas; gazing out the endless expanse of Water Element, being emerged from it, in different blends of blues which Artist is using deliberately to create realistic water; reminding the viewers those blues of Picasso’s “blue period”, to intensify the melancholy and his emotional turmoil in life. 

However in this piece of Art, we meet Artist’s optimism to mainly choose blues from his palette, such as Turquoise, Prussian, Indigo, because they are reflecting the skies and the shining Sun on the Water Element. 

He covers the surface of his canvas with collage of holly texts derived from ancient Sutras; he will also use the collage of Sacred Scriptures, to make the shapes of splashes and waves, embracing the illusion of water. 

He creates the effects of water during the moment of splash, using Zinc White, and he makes the blobs of Cobalt Green or Blues hues, follow the arch of the Element.

On The Way To Enlightenment
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